Only through being self aware
can you hope to make change

Our guiding principle at Highway is that all young people come with all the answers. By providing a safe space for them to explore their life, their identity and their authentic selves, our young people can uncover what is truly right for themselves.

In a world that is uncertain, we can still move forward with confidence when we are grounded in who we are and being able to focus on what is important to us. This is being centred. There are many external factors that can have great impact in moving us away from our "center". Highway provides innovative tools for individuals and organisations to define that centre. This is so important as awareness empowers the ability to move forward with confidence, meaning and purpose.


Highway has two innovative self awareness tools. The Centering and Reflection Compass helps young people become more self aware of their life and what feels right. The Belonging and Becoming Compass is an innovative tool that helps organisations, communities, groups or cohorts become aware of where they are at and where they want to go in terms of their mission and plans for the future.

Being "Centered" means that one is present, able to fully focus, and be completely engaged with the activity in the present moment. It is an active process, where one can set aside life's many distractions. It is the ability to focus despite being pulled by external circumstances, significant events or triggers.

KEY DOMAINS 1. Basic needs, Health & Functioning
2. Social Connection & Relationships
3. Outer Connection & Contribution
4. Learning, Growth & Mastery

Within each of these key domains, there are individual factors that may impact each of our lives to different extent. The factors within each domains are shown in the figure. The greater the effort, strain or stress of having to deal with each factor then lowers one's ability to be centered.

The Belonging and Becoming™ Compass is an innovative tool to help an individual, an organization or a community to discover where they are at. It is developed and provided by Highway Foundation, an innovative Australian youth charity.

The Belonging and Becoming™ Compass features the four core concepts of Identity, Agency, Connections and Engagement. Becoming is defined by Identity and Agency, which are enabled by Self-Efficacy, Self-Determination and Self-Regulation. When we promote and enable Becoming, the individual has:
• a strong sense of self, meaning and purpose;
• ability for goal-setting and action;
• control of what they think and do.

Belonging is defined by Connections and Engagement, which are assessed by the level of authentic connections with others. When we promote and enable Belonging, the individual: • has authentic connections with others;
• shows up, is present and engaged.

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