Is there something bothering you that you find tough to talk about?
Do you feel like no one really wants to listen or gets you?
Do you want to take control of your life? We get you!

Just because you find it hard to move through your challenges in your life does not mean something is wrong with you. We know you want to move on and make a change. That is why you are here!

If you are looking for answers from us - spoiler alert! We are not coaches, mentors or counsellors. Instead we help YOU work things out for yourself. 95% of people who do a Highway Journey feel confident about their life going forward. We believe you have all the answers within you. When you know who you are, you will be more likely to know what you want to do and where you want to go.

We are the premier youth charity in Australia for helping young people find their identity, meaning, and purpose and inspiring them to follow their true life path. Want to move forward with your life? Ready to make a change? Ready to take control of how you feel? Ready to feel better about yourself and your choices in life? 

Then welcome to Highway!

The Highway Journey
Our results speak for itself... 

95% of young people that completed a Highway journey were able to work through their challenge on their own and move forward being true to themselves.

95% of young people that completed a Highway journey felt confident about their future and made goals that inspired their own life going forward.

98% of young people felt that they could speak their truth. They felt safe, heard, understood, non-judged and respected.

95% of young people rated the Highway Journey experience 9/10.

What is all the hype about?

The Highway Journey Experience

Make time to focus on your life direction. Participants speak about their life-changing experience of doing a Highway Journey.

Lives that have been changed.... are you next?

"I would recommend Highway because it changed my life. I would recommend Highway to my friends because I got something out of it, namely a better understanding of myself and a greater sense of comfort in my future."


     “My mindset has just changed since Highway. I used to be really affected by external factors like what society says, what my friends say, what my parents say. But I know myself a lot better to the point where those external factors don’t impact me as much as they used to. I have just found peace within myself.


"Offers a wonderful space to express yourself freely and simply sitting with what is and what you want to do about it. A kind environment that promotes reflection, self-exploration and acceptance."


Stop carrying stories that are holding you back

Start a new chapter in your life. Stop carrying the heavy stories in your life that hold you back and focus on what you want rather than what you don't want for yourself.

We found that people who focused on the "why" of life found more clarity in uncovering the  "how" and "what" more easily. They were also more confident and happier with their life.

To be able to uncover your own "why" requires the ability for you to connect to your inner beliefs and values. Through open conversations your Highway Youth Facilitator will artfully help you find your true voice and connect to your inner self. It is often harder to uncover this on our own. Sometimes others can see you better than you can see yourself. That is the power of authentic human connection.

Truth is, we’re social creatures. We need connection. When we feel heard, understood, and valued we feel connected to ourselves and to the world around us. 

Stop overthinking.........

It can be hard to speak honestly about how you feel, causing you to overthink, feel restless and overwhelmed. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and be heard. Being able to talk freely and explore your life is what can give you clarity. Sometimes you don’t really know what you are thinking till you hear yourself talk. It’s okay - we’ve all been there. Stop now and find a way out of endless overthinking and needless worry. Start a Highway Journey today!

One moment...are you ready for this?

Every Highway Journey is a quality and highly tailored personal experience. Our mission is to help you find the passion for your life. To do this, our program really helps you to understand yourself through reflection and exercises. Discovering what is right for you, takes time. It is an ongoing process. That is why the Highway Journey is a 4 x 90-minute weekly session where you will experience a richer, deeper understanding of yourself. You will take away life skills and mindsets that can improve your life, making you feel more confident about yourself and your future.

To place you into a group takes significant commitment and resources. As a charity, this program has been gifted to you, each participant is directly sponsored by a generous donor that is passionate about your wellbeing. We put a lot of care into setting up each Highway Journey Group. This is our commitment to ensuring you will have a fantastic experience. Once you register, our Onboarding Manager - Anna, will get to know you and understand what you want to achieve so we can place you in the best group. If this all feels exciting for you, please go ahead and register!

It's Time to Do You
and Move Forward!

Be inspired to move forward in your life with passion and purpose by getting to know yourself more. Work through what's holding you back. 

Make decisions with confidence. 
Move closer to the life you want.

Register Now and Get Lifetime Access to our amazing "Take What You Need" Youth Online Resource.

Download your free gift Highway Check-In to do anytime. It will uncover what is important to you.

Reach out and start your Highway Journey today!

When you sign up we give you free access to our amazing "Take What You Need" Online Youth Resources!

Relax and get inspired!

Imagine having an online resource for the top 100 challenges you might experience as a young person. You just might find a "life hack" that will take you a step in the right direction.

Friends & Relationships
Feelings & Emotions
Being Me
Money and Work 
Body Image

You’ll have access to over 100 pages worth of resources put together for young people, by young people. 

These resources tackle everyday situations we all experience. Here are some example topics.

* Struggling with parent's expectations?  Go to Take What You Need - Expectations

*Finding it tough to speak you mind? Go to Take What you need - Confidence

* Want to find a job? Go to Take What You Need  - Money and Work

Ready to start? Let's go......

You register your interest and book a time to speak with our Onboarding Manager, who’ll explain the Highway Journey and get to know you a little bit so they can put your into the  best Highway Journey Group for you.
You’ll join a group hosted by a Highway Youth Facilitator, along with 3 to 6 other young people you don’t know. This is good, because you don't know them you can be free to speak your mind and just be yourself! (what a relief) Don’t worry about awkward introductions or feeling weird in the group. The first session is all about connecting. Your facilitator will break the ice and make everyone feels comfortable.
Our facilitators are trained to be amazing listeners. They don’t just listen – they listen deeply. This means they’re listening to what is important and true for you and helping you see that for yourself. They volunteer their time to hold a safe space so you and your new group can share freely. There is no judgment or advice given.
Our group calls are confidential and held over Zoom, so they’re easy to join, and you can share freely without the fear of being judged.
You’ll meet your new group once a week, over 4 weeks, for 90 minutes each session, where you’ll accompany one another on a journey of self-discovery. You’ll time to reflect on your life and what you want for yourself. Over that month, you’ll uncover important to you and feel empowered to move forward.

The Highway Journey

Our Highway Youth Facilitators are young people just like you. They’ve experienced setbacks, loss, stress, and failure. Despite all this, they have found pathways filled with meaning, purpose, and passion. They’ll companion you on a 4-week journey of self-discovery, connection and understanding.

Imagine living a life driven by your values, goals, and passions. It sounds impossible, but it’s easier than you think.

Register into a Highway Journey - 3 simple steps

Register with the Highway Foundation.

Our Highway Onboarding Manager will reach out to have chat, get you ready for the Journey and book you into a group.

Attend Your Sessions

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