How to Record your Highway Experience

2# Give us a Video Shout Out

We hope you enjoyed your Highway Journey Sessions.
Thank you so much for helping us get the message out into the world so other young people can benefit from Highway’s work. We appreciate you sharing your personal experiences via video. We’ll love to share your experience with other young people through social media platforms and presentations.

Here is a handy checklist before your start!
Please find the questions we would love you to answer.
Please record these with a long pause between them or as separate videos.
1. “Why did you come to Highway?” 2. “What was your experience of Highway?”
3. "How has it helped you or changed you?"

Video format and tips
* Start with your name (first name only for your privacy)
* Keep each video to 1-2 minutes per question
* Please just use your mobile device as the camera.
* Record HD quality
* Record in landscape format with yourself centered on the screen
* Aim for the best lighting by facing a window with light
* Check your sound quality with a test recording in a quiet environment

A helpful resource
Here are some useful tips on filming videos using your smartphone.

How to submit your videos
Please use to send your video files, which is a free service. The service is easy to use but if you get stuck you can follow this tutorial and there is an example image of what the service looks like below. You do not need to sign up and can just select the ‘I just want to send files’ option if it is displayed.

* Please note that by submitting your files you give your consent for Highway Foundation to use your video for future marketing efforts.