We hope you have Enjoyed your Highway Experience.

Thank you for joining us at Highway!

We hope you feel more inspired by your life, feel more connected and more empowered to do the things you want to do and be the person you want to be. We are humbled and inspired by the incredible feedback on the impact Highway has made in your life.

If we have made a positive difference for you, we hope that as an act of gratitude you can help bring the Highway experience to another young person just like you!

Please choose one way for you to pay it forward!

1# Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Raise awareness for our charity by giving us an awesome shout out on your socials!

Please post your experience or your support for our work at Highway on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok account. We would love it you share it also on our socials too! Let people know and share our story and mission! Don't forget to hashtag us!

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2# Give us a Video Shout Out

If you want to share your experience to help other young people, please send us a video of you talking about your experience. We would love to share your experience with others. If you would like to choose this option to pay it forward please click below for instructions. Thanks so much!

3# Join our community and volunteer to become a Highway Youth Facilitator.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Highway Youth Facilitator - we would love to hear from you. We have two intakes each year. We look for amazing young people who are committed to helping other young people find their way in life. At the same time you become part of a community of young people that become close companions to your own life journey. You will be part of a special community.

4# Hands up please!
Volunteer your time to
help us grow.

If you would like to pay it forward by volunteering some of your time to supporting our charity - we would love to hear from you!

Simply let us know what you would love to do!
Whether it is drawing, writing, creating content, helping out at our youth events - whatever it is - we would love to have your help.

5# Donate to sponsor another young person to experience Highway.

Your donation will go directly to funding the costs of getting to the people that need us and providing them amazing and life-changing Highway Journey sessions.

We gratefully accept all donations over the amount of $2 which is 100% tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation. Thank you so much - we are really chuffed!

Would you like to get inspired about your life?

Join a Highway session today.

If you would like to explore what’s going on for you today, then just jump on! You will be welcomed to a safe, warm, non-judgemental space where you can be yourself and uncover what is important to you. You have all the answers. Let us help you find your way.