Our Highway
Youth Facilitators

Meet these amazing young people

There is magic in being part of a Highway cohort. We are passionate in helping other young people, whilst supporting each other in our own life journey. It is a very special connection and gift.


Who are our Highway Youth Facilitators

These are young people that are passionate about helping other young people on their life journey. Each Highway Facilitator generously volunteers every week and are incredibly committed to our mission.
They come from all over Australia and are aged between 18-28 years of age. They come from 15 different ethic backgrounds and form a community of young people making a big difference in the world. They hail from many different ethic backgrounds such as Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Mauritius, Italy, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Vietnam, India, France, Greece, Samoa, Malaysia and Ethiopia.

They must train for over 3 months to be qualified and graduate.

To become a Highway Youth Facilitators, you are required to apply. We have two intakes each year in March and November. Highway selects our young people from an overwhelming pool of candidates. We take a lot of care in selecting the right people for this work. Highway look for authentic, young people who have a gift for listening and possess the "H" factor. The "H" factor is hard to describe, but it is a person's unique ability to connect and understand other people deeply. We look for young people, who see working with Highway as an authentic expression of who they are. When we see this, we invite them to go through a 3 month training program before they are able to start facilitating Highway Journey Sessions with young people. During this time, they hone their skills and ability to help young people. During their 3 months of training they will have fulfilled:

1. Highway Accreditation Training (12 weeks of training)

2. Completed the Accreditation for Mental Health First Aid for Youth

3. Working with Children Check

4. Police Check

5. Child Safe Training

6. Emergency Protocol Training

Is this You?

* Aged 18 -25 years
* Natural ability to listen and empathise
* Leadership skills
* Sense of self and quiet confidence
* Reliable, resilient and committed
* Love to learn
* Integrity and wonderful people skills
*Ability to attend all dates for training

What is a Highway Youth Facilitator?

“We act according to the image we create for ourselves.
Therefore helping young people to have a positive self-image of themselves and have inspiring goals that energise them is so important.”
A Highway Youth Facilitator is a very special person. They help young people feel belonging and inspire them to become the best version of themselves, through transformational and inspiring group sessions and workshops. They would have fulfilled the rigorous Highway Youth Facilitator’s Accreditation which encompasses youth wellbeing, coaching and mental health first aid.
They work with young people aged 10 to 24 years of age to talk about things that are important and inspire them to take action in their life. Highway Foundation bring groups of similar young people together online across Australia led by a Highway Youth Facilitator. Our Highway Youth Facilitators have the gift for listening. They hold a safe space without judgement so young people can speak their truth. By focusing on a young person’s journey through the day to day experiences and conversations of their life – we can help young people to see what inspires them and makes them feel more excited about life.
Young people can therefore find the path that feels right for them to follow. During these conversations they can also reflect on what might be holding them back from being the best version of themselves. With greater clarity, self-awareness and the support of other young people in their group who are on the same journey – transformational change can happen!
We walk next to each young person. Holding authentic safe spaces for young people to journey and reflect on their lived experiences. We allow them to grow, to safely reflect and find their true self without fear of judgement or rejection. We help young people hear themselves. What greater gift is there than to be truly understood?
We do not discuss or provide advice on mental distress for young people. We do not treat mental illness because there are a lot of exceptional dedicated services such as Lifeline and Beyond Blue who already excel in supporting mental illness.
We don’t walk behind young people and push them to achieve or act.
We don’t walk in front of young people to show them the way or give direction but if they decide they want more self-development we have a lot of resources and workshops to support them. We meet young people where they are at and help them to work things out for themselves. It’s not our story or journey – it’s theirs.

Highway's Commitment to You

Your journey and personal growth is everything to us. You can only give what you receive. At Highway Foundation, we believe your personal growth and development is paramount. Only when you are at your best can you bring the best to our young people. To that end, professional wellbeing training, personal development and ongoing supervision and companionship of your personal journey is the hallmark of our organisation.

You are not just a facilitator but we want to know you as a person and encourage the best in your own personal life journey. As you grow with us, you will find Highway Foundation a true place of belonging and connection for you. As you uncover the best in you, you will do so journeying with your fellow cohort of Highway Youth Facilitators. Together you will share an amazing and unique bond. 

We are investing a lot in you. To ensure the quality delivery of our programs we have to bring the best out in you. To do that, we put you through the Highway Youth Facilitator Accreditation.
Once we release the November Training dates you must be able to attend all the dates. 

Would you like to get inspired about your life?

Join a Highway session today.

If you would like to explore what’s going on for you today, then just jump on! You will be welcomed to a safe, warm, non-judgemental space where you can be yourself and uncover what is important to you.