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Expressing myself in words

Expressing yourself can be really tough. You have so much flying through your head, that it is hard to find the right words that fit exactly you mean, or even who you are.

Okay, the first thing to do is not talk but listen – listen to yourself. Think about what you want to express about yourself and why.

What might help is making a list of things or traits that make you, you. Generally, when we are talking to someone and trying express ourselves, we feel the pressure - we feel nervous - and it makes things a whole lot harder. So, it might be a good idea to find a quiet a space and write a few sentences that start with:

“I am____”
“I like____”
“I feel____”
“I want___”

Just make them simple and straight forward sentences. It might help to remember some of these for the next time you are talking to someone.

If you are not happy with the words you use to express yourself, look up synonyms – different words that mean the same thing. Make a list and these and practice using them in conversation. For example, instead of saying “I am a happy person”, you could say “I am an upbeat person”

Keep practicing as much as you can. Find someone you feel comfortable with and practice with them at first. You are not going to get it the first-time round, but you will get better.

Lastly, remember your value. Yes, that’s right, you have value, no matter what you tell yourself, or other people have told you. See your words as a way for others to see your value.

All the best.

Change your perspective and uncover a way forward for you!

Here are some things that can help you with that.

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Napoleon Dynamite
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