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Getting Through the Pandemic

Sometimes this whole situation seems too crazy to be true. It can feel like this is how life always was and always will be. It’s important to remind yourself that you are going through a massive moment in history. You are living through a global pandemic.

Quite frankly, the world is in chaos right now. We can no longer live normal lives. Remember that. Remember that when you hold yourself to the same expectations you once had. You can’t. Your life has changed, and your expectations need to change with it. There is no point being hard on yourself for not achieving things that were only possible before the pandemic.

So much is now out of our control, accept that. Only control what you can. In times where everything seems to change, just focus on what you can keep the same. Make daily routines for yourself that give you comfort and structure.

Care for yourself. Do small things that make you happy. Do them when you can. There is so much to worry about, make sure you take a break from worrying.

Appreciate what you can. Everything feels like it is going wrong, I know, but find whatever you can appreciate in your life, no matter how small it is. Write them down. Remind yourself of them. Do whatever it takes to get you through this.

This is going to sound really cheesy but laugh. Afterall, you can’t be upset when you are laughing. Speak to someone who makes you laugh, watch the funniest video you’ve found, even force a fake laugh. Laughter will be a much-needed break from what you're dealing with.

Remember, this is a crazy time to be alive. You have been through a lot. Be kind to yourself and do whatever you can get to yourself through this.

Hang in there.

Change your perspective and uncover a way forward for you!

Here are some things that can help you with that.




Happy, Healthy Minds by The School of Life
This book looks at a bunch of topics that you might be dealing with, for example: when parents don’t seem to understand us; when we fall out with friends; when school feels boring or difficult; when we’re too busy and get overwhelmed; when our phones create trouble; when we feel sad, bored, anxious or fed up with things

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
This is obviously a classic series. If you haven't read it, now is the time. He might not be isolated, but Harry Potter has to deal with a lot of uncertainty. If you not that into reading, this is the easy read you need.

Emotions! Making Sense of Your Feelings by Mary Lamia, PhD
Thia will help you understand your emotions and who you are, how you appear to others, and what you can be. While your emotional life may feel out of control, your emotions are valuable. It's time to figure just what your emotions are telling you!


A feel good film through and through. Nothing like a story of a unlikely pair who find themselves on an unexpected adventure

Kubo and the Two Strings
An film of epic proportions. It's a classic tale of good vs evil. The animation is breathtaking and the story pulls you in all directions.

Another heartwarming tale of a rat who wants nothing more than to cook Just watch it, it's lovely.


This playlist will make things a little bit better, even just for a moment.

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