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Moving to a new school or home

Whether you moving to a new home or school the experience is pretty much the same – it feels super weird for a while then eventually you get used to it. You are probably reading this thinking “yeah right”. But seriously it’s true. Having schools, homes and even continents, it is the same every time – it’s uncomfortable at first and it becomes normal.

At the start it is going to be strange; nothing feels familiar. You can feel lost, you can feel like you are not yourself anymore. This is part of the moving process – it is normal and expected. Don’t fight it. You might take weeks, months or even years before you feel fully comfortable with your new situation.

In the meantime, talk to someone about it, your parents, a counsellor – anyone that you feel comfortable telling. Keeping your thoughts and feeling bottled up will only make it harder for you.

Keep things that remind you are your previous life. It can be a lamp or a daily routine, it just must bring you comfort. Keeping things or habits that are familiar helps remind us of who we are despite everything around us being foreign and strange.

Remember, this is exciting. Moving brings a lot of uncertainty into your life, but it also brings plenty of possibility. You are probably scared of everything that could go wrong but remind yourself of everything that can go right. You can meet new friends, find new hobbies, or discover a new side of yourself. It might not seem like it now, but be patient, things have a strange way of working themselves out.

For now, just take care of yourself, and soon enough you’ll be okay.

Change your perspective and uncover a way forward for you!

Here are some things that can help you with that.

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AdaptAbility: How to Survive Change You Didn't Ask For by M. J. Ryan
“Teaches us how we can get through the pain more quickly and extract greater meaning from the nonnegotiable events of life.”—Ellyn Spragins.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
This book will help you realise that there are many simple things you can do in order to navigate life effectively.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson
Provides twelve profound and practical principles in comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else today.


Mean Girls
Cady joins a new public school and befriends Janis and Damian. They warn her to avoid the Plastics, but things get worse when she falls in love with a boy.

My Neighbour Totoro
Mei and Satsuki shift to a new house to be closer to their mother who is in the hospital. They soon become friends with Totoro, a giant rabbit-like creature who is a spirit.

The Edge of Seventeen
Nadine has problems with her mother and brother and considers her father as her only ally.


Just remember you're a force of nature and everything is going to be okay - this playlist will help remind you of this


Teenager Therapy
Five stressed, sleep deprived, yet energetic teens sit down and talk about the struggles that come with being a teenager.

Anything Goes
Thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics from relationships and dealing with failure.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Maya Shankar sits down with Jay Shetty and talks about How to Embrace Change Gracefully & Find Purpose in Difficult Times

Places to find more resources

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