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Losing a game

Losing a game, a match or competition hurts. You probably trained so much for the game. You put the time in, you tried your best but somehow you didn’t win. People might say to you “cheer up, it’s just a game”, but it doesn’t help - winning means a lot to you. Here are some ways that you can begin to feel okay with your loss:

Sit with the feeling. If you feel u pset, sad, or angry that’s okay. Don’t try to fight your feelings, feel them. Cry if you need to. Be angry if you need to (just don’t hurt anyone). The more you fight your feelings the more they are going to get to you.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad . Your parents, teachers, or teammates might try to make you feel bad for losing. This is not fair. You tried your best, and they must accept that. Don’t let their words and comments make you feel worse.

Don’t make yourself feel bad. You might be bullyin g yourself. You might be telling yourself stuff like “I deserved to lose”, or “I am loser”, even “I am the worst player in the world”. Stop. Beating yourself up like this won’t make yourself feel any better. What happened is in the past. Accept that and be kind to yourself.

You will feel better again. Right now, you probably feel really bad. It feels like you’ll never get over this loss. As unlikely as this sounds, you will feel better. Things will feel normal again. It might take time, but you will be hap py again.

You tried your best. Remember this. You lost, yes. You did what you can though. Sometimes you will lose. The only thing to do is learn from your loss and move forward. It will make you a better player next time.

You've got this.

Change your perspective and uncover a way forward for you!

Here are some things that can help you with that.

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A Soft Place to Land by Janae Marks
Joy Taylor has always believed home is the house she lived in her entire life. But then her dad lost his job, and suddenly, home becomes a tiny apartment.

Epic Year by Nina Hamza
Ahmed Aziz is having an epic year—epically bad.After his dad gets sick, the family moves from Hawaii to Minnesota for his dad’s treatment. Even though his dad grew up there, Ahmed can’t imagine a worse place to live.

Not All Heroes by Josephine Cameron
Even though her family moved across the country for a “fresh start” after her little brother’s death, eleven-year-old Zinnia Helinski still feels like she’s stuck waiting for her new life to begin.


Chicken Little
When a piece of sky falls on the head of Chicken Little, no one believes him. However, his friends trust him and together they save the world from ending.

Kicking and Screaming
Phil, a young man who has always been haunted by his father's competitive nature, coaches his son's soccer team. Old scores come into play as Phil's team competes against his father's team

Bend It Like Beckham
A girl bends the rules, to reach her goal, in professional soccer. But her traditional parents refuse to even consider it and want her to hang up her football boots, find a nice boy and learn to cook.


This playlist will make things a little bit better, even just for a moment.

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