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why do i feel butterflies?

You’re waiting to start class, or you’re about act in a school play, or your crush comes up to speak to you and you start feeling strange, like there are butterflies flying around your stomach.

Well, it turns out that this is stress. Your body is preparing you for a stressful situation. I am not going to go into the science here, you can find that out in the videos below.

Instead, here are a few things you can do to feel slightly less stressed.

Sit with the feeling. Don’t try and push the feeling down, because that will make it come back stronger. Accept it and respond to it gently. These exercises will tell your brain to calm down:

Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out the mouth. Count to 5 when you breathe in, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and breathe out for 5 seconds.

Soften your eyes. Sounds weird but try it. Scrunch up your eyes and open them slowly. Repeat that a few times.

Yawn. Pretend you are yawning – open your mouth wide, make the sound and everything. (This is what dogs do to calm down. Pretty cool, right?)

If you are feeling the stress in your shoulders, lean into it. Scrunch up your shoulder to your ears, scrunch up your face, hold it for 5 seconds, and let go. Repeat.

Hang in there.

Change your perspective and uncover a way forward for you!

Here are some things that can help you with that.




The Edge of Thirteen by Nova Weetman
Thirteen-year-old Clem deals with fitting in and falling out in this authentic story of friendship, from a beloved middle-grade author.

The Boy at the Back of the Glass
Told with heart and humour, The Boy at the Back of the Class is a child's perspective on the refugee crisis, highlighting the importance of friendship and kindness in a world that doesn't always make sense.

Emotions! Making Sense of Your Feelings by Mary Lamia, PhD
This will help you understand your emotions and who you are, how you appear to others, and what you can be. While your emotional life may feel out of control, your emotions are valuable. It's time to figure just what your emotions are telling you!


Inside Out
Eleven-year-old Riley moves cities, leaving behind her life behind. She and her five core emotions, Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust and Sadness, struggle to cope with her new life.

The story revolves around a trans girl who is introduced to her neighborhood as a boy but feels alienated in the society.

Surf's Up
All Cody Maverick wants to do is surf. But no one he knows gets that. So, he travels from Antarctica to Pen Gu Island hoping to win the Big Z Memorial Surf Off.


Here is a playlist you might enjoy, or even bring you some comfort when you are not feeling so great.

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