Is the Highway Journey
Right for you ?

We are so excited to welcome all young people to the Highway Journey!
We want all young people to enjoy our Highway Experience that involves the use of our Highway Dashboard. Our program is done online where you will need to have access to video, stable internet and a computer to navigate the Highway Dashboard. If you have a disability this will impact your ability to enjoy and appreciate the Highway Journey experience. Here is a quick checklist to see if you can navigate a Highway Journey Session.

Can you do the following?

What happens if I am not able to do some or all of the things above?

Well this means the Highway Online Journey Sessions are probably not a good fit for you at present. We are a new youth organisation and as we grow and build our services, we definitely want to create programs that are relevant, useful and inspiring. To that end, could you please register your interest here. If there is enough interest or when we launch a program or workshop which we feel you will absolutely love - we will reach out!

Is there any Highway resources available to me?

Absolutely! You can still have access to our "Take What You Need" (TWYN) Resources. These are resources created by young people for young people. Simply go to the homepage and scroll to TWYN section. Click your age range and then have a look at over 60 pages of resources for you.