Discover who you are and where you want to go with Highway.

Highway is an all-inclusive organisation that brings young people across Australia together to explore what is important to them, develop self-awareness and realise what they want to be.

The program is completely free! When you sign up to Highway, you’ll be put into a group with 3–6 other people your age from all over Australia. The people in your group don’t know you, so it is incredibly liberating to be yourself and explore what you want for your life. Your group will meet online once a week for four weeks. In each 90-minute session, a volunteer Highway Youth Facilitator will guide you through sharing your stories, making connections and helping you discover the real you and what you want in life.

Step 1. Sign up to Highway
The registration process only takes 2-3 minutes.

Step 2. Book a time
Once you’ve registered, you’ll see the available Highway Journey session times. Join one that suits you for the next 4 weeks.

Step 3. Your Group
You have joined a group with other people that don’t know you. This can be so liberating to be yourself! The session is guided by an amazing Highway Youth Facilitator whose purpose is to help you become more of who you are!
Step 4. Attend your sessions
After you book your session time, you’ll receive a Highway confirmation email that contains your start date and Zoom link. Log into your Highway Session via your Dashboard by using your username and password. Sign in at
We are so excited for your Highway Journey!
In the next month, we hope you will discover the real you and feel empowered to do what is right for you!